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June 2017




I feel so strongly that my knives are always very sharp. I highly recommend everyone to have one of these and use it! It makes such a difference when you are prepping food.

These are perfect for your summer picnics. I keep one in my car all summer; they are handy and charming (and water repellent!).

My sister-in-law got this for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and I use it often. I love the flat rectangular shape, it makes is easy to carry large casserole dishes along with many other items.

I love beer! Luckily, my husband and I own a small craft brewery – so I can share with you an essential I really, really enjoy – Our beers from Old Redwood Brewing Company. Cheers to beers!

Gotta keep your jewels clean and sparkly! I think this stuff is terrific!


 Cheers! – Natalia –

Natalia's Kitchen 

May 2017


This is a great product for your kitchen counters. Being non-toxic and plant-based, they smell delightful and are safe for you.

My family loves zucchini noodles AKA “zoodles” – for a super clean and healthful meal, we love “zoodles” with my sweet potato tomato sauce and a dusting of freshly grated Parmesan. Spiralizers are easy and fun to use!

FINALLY!!!! A lip gloss I love. I keep one of these in my car, in my purse, and on my desk. A good lip gloss is simply necessary.

Honestly, this is absolutely essential for me! I use my Le Creuset several times a week. You will have it forever – and ever – and ever. You get the point.

I began collecting wooden spoons several years ago. I love them because they are rustic, comfortable and there is something nostalgic about these simple necessities. I find myself using them whenever I am cooking. They are important because they don’t transfer heat like metal spoons do and they don’t scratch your pots & pans. 

  Cheers! – Natalia –

Natalia's Kitchen 

April 2017

This is such terrific development! These cutting boards are made of a long-lasting wood-fiber composite that won’t dull your knives, which is really important.

Another must-have in my world. Especially after a full day of being on-the-go from start to finish, I love how instantly relaxed I feel when I use this.

This tea is a perfect blend of licorice root and mint. I love this tea in the afternoon or evening. It reminds me of “spa time”.

This is such a lovely lotion I use daily. It is pure, simple, clean-feeling and hydrating. I like how smart & snazzy the bottle looks too.

My cousin turned me onto these last year; I love them! They are extremely absorbent and so dang charming you will WANT to wash your dishes just so you can dry them. There are hundreds of designs to chose from to personalize them. I promise they are great. Be sure to wash them in very hot water the first few times.

  Cheers! – Natalia –

Natalia's Kitchen

March 2017


Wood conditioning: This is a wonderful product that helps preserve your wooden chopping block, salad bowls, and wooden spoons. It also works as an excellent hand cream.

I was introduced to these in high school, and, ah hem… 20+ years later I still enjoy them! I think they’re sweet. I keep them in a bowl next to my front door. You simply pick one up and that is your word for the moment or the day… or whatever you want it to be.
I am on my feet A LOT! From cooking to folding laundry, working demos, and the Farmer’s Markets – at the end of the day my tired & achy feet deserve a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!! Yoga Toes are my “go to”. I put them on for 15-20 minutes to give my feet some relief.
I love my olive oil!! My husband and I planted 200 olive trees at our winery in Sonoma County ten years ago. Now we have this glorious liquid gold. A blend of Spanish and Italian varietals produce a creamy and slightly peppery oil that is authentic, pure, and is an abundance of antioxidants.
We would love to welcome you for a visit to our winery, come see the olive trees and taste our wines! Fritz
Alright, these are pretty cute and clever! Perforated napkins on a roll. You just tear them off as you need them. They come in a rainbow of colors. 100% Cotton and Linen, so they are machine washable. Perfect for a picnic, while your glamping, or for easy and chic entertaining at home!
  Cheers! – Natalia –

Natalia's Kitchen

February 2017

Natalias Kitchen Essentials February

Luigi’s Seasoning. I LOVE this. My husband LOVES this. My kids LOVE this. While you can use this on most anything from meats, chicken & fish – we like it mixed with a little butter, spread on sliced french bread, then broil for a couple minutes; for our open-face sloppy joes. It is a staple in my pantry. Click here for my Sloppy Joes recipe!
Potato ricer. If you do not already own one of these, you should. It makes ALL the difference in your mashed potatoes. 
Fritz Late Harvest Zinfandel. What can I say?? I adore this wine. I substitute water for this Zinfandel whenever I make brownies. You can follow your favorite boxed brownie mix and in lieu of water, try this!!!  Fritz Late Harvest  Zinfandel and dark chocolate are best friends forever!! 
Niya. This game is great. Fun, challenging, strategic, portable, pretty, quick – all in one. A great teacher or hostess gift. 
Silk pillowcases. I began using these because of allergies. Then I learned how beneficial silk is for our skin and hair while we sleep.
  – XOXO Natalia –

Natalia's Kitchen

January 2017

My friend Jenn introduced me to these gloves a couple years ago and I can’t do dishes without them. The cuff keeps water from dripping down your arm. Smart invention Cassabella!! Bravo!!
This is such a fun and snazzy kitchen gadget. Addicting! I love it! 
This is my go-to polish. I think it looks lovely with any outfit for any occasion. Viola! 
I have been spraying this mist for YEARS. I use it every evening when we get into bed and each morning while I am making our bed. It is light and elegant and adds a little “spa” to our room. 
I rarely use vanilla extract anymore – this stuff enhances the flavors in all my baking. So good!!! Worth the $$$.


  – XOXO Natalia –